What are some unpopular K-Pop opinions (2019)?

  1. Girl Group concepts aren’t just Cute and Girl crush, girl groups actually have a diverse and wide range of concepts, check out groups like mamamoo, gfriend, gugudan, exid,etc.
  2. Red Velvet’s Zimzalabim wasn’t bad, It took a few listens but I eventually started liking it, it’s something new and unique, i’m glad Red velvet took the risk.
  3. I don’t care too much about streaming but it’s tiring seeing fans comment about streaming in mv’s instead of appreciating it
  4. I’m actually concerned for Jennie, now I love Jennie although i understand why some ppl may dislike her and i can’t judge that. But fans are seriously taking it too far, she literally gets hate if she breathes and it seems that she’s nervous and fearful while talking. Please calm down and let her breathe

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